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Pearson VUE–CAPM


Pearson VUE is now offering the Project Management Institute’s Certified Associate Project Management (CAPM) certification. Book your exam at our testing center!



VoIP Equipment Upgrade Project– Phase II


DiNi has begun Phase II of the VoIP Equipment Upgrade Project with a New York City Agency. Phase II entails the installation of over 7,000 VoIP Phones as a continuation to Phase I.



VoIP Equipment Upgrade Project


DiNi currently has an ongoing project with a New York City agency to upgrade all VoIP equipment at their local sites. Phase I of this project entails installation of 5000 VoIP phones, new servers, routers, switches and firewalls. This project was completed over a span of 12 months



Pearson VUE Testing Center

As of April 2015, DiNi has passed the qualifications set forth by the New Jersey Department of Education as a supplier of GED exams. If you intend to get this certification, please call our office to set up a date and time that is appropriate for you.



Network Infrastructure Upgrade Project


DiNi currently has an ongoing project with a local law enforcement agency to provide hardware and services for the upgrade of their infrastructure. This effort is being done jointly by DiNi Communications and our partner, Cisco Systems.


The project is managed by two DiNi Project Managers and our team of network engineers. This project has been divided into three phases in order to complete the various tasks involved. During the project, DiNi has provided the Cisco Configuration Solution Design, including Technical Architecture and Technical Configuration of the hardware.


After the completion of hardware and software installation, DiNi will be conducting onsite training for the law enforcement staff.



Cybersecurity Project


DiNi has completed the Cybersecurity project which allowed a local law enforcement agency to upgrade equipment that has come to end of life. A Cisco Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) were installed which are an integral part of the data network providing end-to-end protection. This inline, network-based defense can identify, classify, and stop known and unknown threats, including worms, network viruses, application threats, system intrusion attempts, and application misuse.


The Cybersecurity project entailed installation of Cisco hardware - IPS's, 6513's, ASA's and wireless Access Points. Work was completed within 10 sites.



700 RMP MDC Refresh Project


DiNi has completed the 700 RMP MDC Refresh project with a local law enforcement agency which included the installation of new laptops and equipment within law enforcement vehicles.


DiNi Project Manager was responsible for overall asset inventory and equipment assignments to vehicles. DiNi engineers installed new equipment and updated existing Cisco Mobile Access Routers that allowed the functionality of the new laptops and equipment to access the city network.