Remote Support for IP Telephony

Bring your business the best value

 Reduce communication costs
 Simple phone administration
 Boost organizational efficiency
 High quality of service

Benefits to Customers

  • Lower and simplify your phone and internet expenses. With IP telephony, DiNi will lower costs of your existing services, such as voice and broadcast video, and broaden means of communication to include audio and video conferencing

  • Streamline service implementation & ongoing management

  • Next-Generation features to increase productivity & efficiency

  • IP telephony system which will bring your business both flexibility in physical media (PSTN lines, xDSL, ISDN, leased lines, coaxial cable, satellite, and twisted pair) and flexibility of physical location

  • Comprehensive suite of IP-based hardware and software solutions to choose from that scale to meet your needs with primary components like IP Phones, IP Soft Phones and Cisco Call Manager, etc. In addition, this suite of solutions can integrate with existing systems to help you migrate to full IP Communications and protect your technology investments

  • Continuously improve your IP telephony environment with ongoing performance analysis and feedback from our experts.

  • Best in class monitoring tools, proven processes, and certified IP telephony specialists to deliver responsive service tailored to your business needs.

 Personal services

– Management console (i.e. Cisco Call Manager, 3Com NBX and VCX solutions)

– Personal Web Portal

 Group Services

– Messaging: Voice Mailbox
– Message Management
– Voice Messaging Call Back
– Audio Conferencing
– Auto Attendant
– Attendant Console