Warehousing and Staging Services

DiNi’s secure and state-of-the-art warehouse is equipped to handle your IT Project deployment schedule, including receiving, storing, integrating, configurations, asset tagging, tracking and logistics. Advanced configuration and staging is available for:


– Desktops, laptops, and servers

– Network hardware, routers, servers and switches


Asset Tagging & Reporting

Asset tagging and reporting is a service that can be customized to your requirements. It provides for the placement of a specially created asset tag or specialized bar code on a system unit and/or packaging. This also includes the creation of an asset tracking report using either software supplied by you or an Excel spreadsheet.This spreadsheet will include all hardware and software serial numbers, storage location, ship out date(s), etc.



Let our years of experience with image management, integration, asset tracking and tagging ensure the success of your next project.


Migration Service

Whether you are looking at OS data migration, hardware migration, software or just data migration services in general, our experienced and knowledgeable IT technicians can help your business initiate a migration service solution. We can help you create and configure a migration road map that includes hardware, software and server capacities as well as plan OS, data and hardware migrations. We can back-up your current system, move data from one storage platform to another, install and configure your software systems and restore and test your new system.


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