Wireless Technology Solutions

DiNi Communications is a global leader in the design, deployment, integration and management of wireless networks. Our Wireless Network Solutions will give you freedom in your business environment, while still protecting you from intruders. We will build a Wireless Solution to fit your business needs. You can depend on DiNi for effective high speed internet, protection from intruders and 24-hour network monitoring.

Our Support team will help you with:

– Mobility – Users can access real time data anywhere in the office while roaming
– Installation – Cable free environment on LAN, provides simplicity implementation
– Reduce Cost – Unlike wired LAN environment, this will save money on maintaining and purchasing LAN equipment
– Scalability – Wireless LAN configuration can be configured in variety of topologies from small number of users to full infrastructure solution
– Security – Advanced wireless controllers, access points and management systems with infrastructure-integrated threat protection and invisible RF broadcasting to deliver comprehensive protection against attacks

Our hosting services will provide you with:

– Wireless solutions for any size business environment including public security spectrums
– Installation and testing of equipment
– Management and maintenance
– 24×7 help desk support
– Assess your business environment to design, build and operate secure WLAN
– Provide architectural proposals to fulfill user’s satisfactory
– Configure WLAN solution
– Verify/Troubleshoot your system to check its operation in accordance with the design
– Schedule training sessions for staff
– We will ensure that the client receives:
      – Confidentiality of data
      – Data integrity
      – End to end availability